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© 2016 by Susanna Marie.



Susanna grew up a social intellect by nature, her immediate leaders in her life were teachers, above all else in the midst of  college she found her passion to serve humanity through writing and healing work. Susanna became a Reiki Master and developed her first business "EvolvingSpiritus" in 2012 then became highly interactive with people across the world. She has been giving readings since she was twenty-one, taught how to use tarot at twelve and coordinated a non-profit "The Story Project" for youth in Portland, Oregon, she then further developed her skills in music and became CEO of a multi-productions music label "GalacticStarEnt" in 2014, and blogged for one of hiphop's largest information hub "Praverb.net".


Susanna has traveled across the world, she values helping communities and people through the power ofpositive word and Reiki, she is now currently a major in journalism, Host of Herspiritus Radio and advocates as an intern in the state of Washington to change law I-873 against police malice.